Bhutan is a place where the mountains, rivers and valleys are abodes of the gods. The constant scenes of hills dotted with ancient temples, monasteries and prayer flags are testament to this, whilst in streams prayer wheels powered by the natural water flow turn day and night. Some sites are amongst the most sacred in the Himalayas such as Taktsang Monastery in Paro, and the many ancient Buddhist sites in Bumthang, Bhutan’s spiritual heartland.

  1. Head of state: King Jigme khesar  Namgyel  Wangchuk
  2.  Form of government: Constitutional Monarchy
  3. Land area: 38,394 square kilometers
  4. Forest area: 71%
  5. Altitude: between 240m and 7541m above sea level
  6. Inhabitant: 826,229
  7. Religion: Buddhism is the cultural heritage of Bhutan
  8. Currency: Ngultrum (equal to Indian Rupee.
  9. Capital: Thimphu
  10. National bird: Raven
  11. National tree: cypress
  12. National flower: blue poppy
  13. National animal: takin
  14. National sport: Archery
  15. Food: just the pic


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